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PhD Bioinformatics | Gatech

Georgia Institute of Technology > Biology

Where I’m currently working as a postdoctoral fellow in genomics and metagenomics for microbial ecology at the Kostas lab under the supervision of Dr. Konstantinidis.

Dissertation: Bioinformatic tools for testing microbial ecology theory in natural environments through metagenomics.

MSc Applied Informatics | UM2

Université de Montpellier > Informatique

During which I worked in genomics for microbial typing and plant pathology at the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement - IRD, France-Sud under the supervision of Dr. Koebnik.

Thesis: Polloc – A Perl library for polymorphic loci
 analyses in bacterial molecular typing studies.

MSc Microbiology | Uniandes

Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia > Ciencias Biológicas

Where I worked in genomics and metagenomics for plant pathology and agriculture at the Mycology and Plant Disease Laboratory - LAMFU under the supervision of Dr Adriana Bernal, with Dr Silvia Restrepo as co-advisor.

Thesis: Genomes-based phylogeny of the genus Xanthomonas.

BSc Biology | UNAL

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá > Facultad de Ciencias

Where I worked in knowledge system development for bacterial antibiotic resistance at the Centro de Bioinformática - Instituto de Biotecnología.

Thesis: Diseño e implementación de un
 sistema de información en β-lactamasas [Design and implementation of an
 information system in β-lactamases].